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The observatory is the largest privately owned research facility in the southeast U.S. and is featured on the Planewave Instruments website (click here).

The location of the house/observatory was chosen so that it is close enough to a major city (Tampa / St. Petersburg), but far away enough so that the city lights do not obscure the stars.  The steady air of Florida creates extremely good seeing (usually between 2 and 3 seconds of arc resolution).  The observatory is 18' x 14' in size and includes lighting, electrical, heating and cooling.  The observatory comes with a motorized roof open/close system, an Elk M1 Automations system so that all equipment can be automated and remotely controlled, a monitored security alarm system, and the computer and software to run everything. The telescopes and attached equipment are not included in the purchase price of the home and observatory but are available at a 5% discount off replacement cost.

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